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I shut myself off from people I open
to the wind: the great window of the sky
through which clouds and angels pass
unable to stop; their feathers
stick in the curved space

I get open to time: the lasso
around my ankles; to those
who silently give themselves to the darkness
wishing to get free of themselves to disappear in the window
for a moment and to come back though this is impossible

I get open to the dreams opened long ago
but each of them in another tree and they
so easily change places and colours
while I lose words and keys

I get open to the great opening I
who am tightly closed on all sides
whipped by sea waves sun and shapes
in the room where lights had been put off

and all the world blows in there its leaves
water stones shreds of bodies
of those who passed away and thoughts
of those who remain in the air

translated by Anna Staniewska

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